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Benefits of Bulk SMS

One may wonder that what exactly are the benefits of using Bulk SMS Service as opposed to the numerous other forms of marketing that are prevalent today. Mostly, it is perceived that these benefits are generally along the lines of cost effectiveness, accompanied with speed and reliability. However, besides these obvious benefits, the bulk SMS service is advantageous for the reasons discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

Open Rates

Almost all of the messages that a user receives are read by the user, within an average time period of five seconds. On the other hand, only 20 percent e-mails on an average, are opened and read by the users. Moreover, these e-mails are opened within an average time period of forty eight hours. This disparity between the open rate of SMS and e-mails is huge, and obviously, it is evident that SMS are by far assigned more priority as compared to e-mails. So, if you want to target the maximum audience for the marketing of your product or enterprise based in Gurgaon, you should use bulk SMS service in Gurgaon.

Speed and Flexibility

All the businesses should be able to adapt with and respond to the ever changing modern business scenario. Flexibility and adaptability are essential to survive as well as thrive in the current market scenario. Through bulk SMS marketing, within a matter of minutes, a new SMS campaign can be planned, conceived and ultimately delivered to the required target audience. This helps to pick up the business on days when the business is slow. Also, when new deliveries are due to arrive, this helps in clearing up of the old stock. If a competitor offers some discount schemes or promotions to the users, bulk SMS service can be used to counter such schemes and offer better deals and promotions to the users.

Low Cost and High ROI

Traditional methods of marketing such as- Newspaper advertisements, TV commercials and numerous other forms of outdoor advertising are very expensive. Due to such high costs, most of the small and medium sized businesses are not able to use such forms of advertising or marketing. Whereas, on the other hand, marketing through bulk SMS service requires minimal set up and running costs. Because of this, the marketing campaigns can be launched and successfully executed at very low costs as compared to the costs related with other marketing methods. As a result of this cost effectiveness and high return in investment, marketing through bulk SMS service has become the primary marketing strategy in almost all kinds of businesses.

Highly Targeted

It is a fact that bulk SMS marketing is permission based. So, it is clear that whoever receives a message already has a relationship with the sender of the message. Also, the receiving party has agreed to receive the marketing messages from the sending party. These two things mean that all the recipients of the bulk SMSes are already customers and may prove to be hot leads for new sales opportunities. It's comparatively easier to sell to existing customers, as opposed to gaining new customers. Bulk SMS service is the best way out there for marketing to existing customers. For the business set up in Gurgaon, the bulk SMS service in Gurgaon can very well help to market to the target customer audience.


The SMS messages can be personalized and tailored according to the different recipients, and delivered to them in a matter of a few seconds. This personalization can be done based on the previous buying behaviors of customers and their demographics. SMS can even be personalized on the basis of the different regions of the country. Achieving this level of personalization, through other forms of marketing proves to be prohibitively expensive. However, with the help of bulk SMS service, this personalization can be attained at no extra cost. Moreover, it also has a powerful impact on the recipient of the personalized message.

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